Lela Rose Ready To Wear Fall Collection 2020

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Lela Rose formed her very own flower shop for her fall presentation, which featured plenty of pretty floral frocks in full bloom

Always one to dream up new ways to shake up a fashion show/presentation, Lela Rose created a pop-up flower shop for her fall presentation. A floral theme tends to always make its way into the designer’s collections, but this time, it was at the forefront.

Rose’s pop-up at 66 Greenwich Avenue in the West Village, which was designed to resemble a flower market (inspired by those in New York and London), will be open to the public for the remainder of the week, offering a variety of crafty activities.

On the clothes, botanicals came in every shape and size as little floral appliqués, maxi prints on silk offerings and on engineered woven jacquard dresses. The lineup had an easy-glamour feel, with delicate chains of crystals giving just the right amount of sparkle to solid tuxedo and gown offerings, alongside Rose’s signature, more feminine shapes.