Buckingham Palace Issues Apology for Racist Comment Made During Reception to Activist: “unacceptable and extremely regretful statements”

A member of the British Royal Family’s staff has resigned after making racist remarks to a British charity CEO during a reception hosted by Queen Consort Camilla.

Buckingham Palace stated in a statement on Wednesday that the staff member made “unacceptable and extremely regretful statements.” She eventually apologized and stepped back, according to Al Jazeera.

Ngozi Fulani, CEO of Sistah Space, stated that during the event on Tuesday, a Buckingham Palace household member asked her where she “truly came from.” The interaction with “Lady SH,” according to the advocate for survivors of domestic violence, was a “violation.” ”

Fulani, a Black woman, tweeted that the woman “approached me, lifted my hair to view my name badge,” and then insisted on asking her what part of Africa she hailed from.

Fulani stated that she is British, but the staff member insisted on knowing more about her background. In a statement, the palace stated that they took the event “very seriously and have immediately investigated to determine the exact information.” It went on to say that it had contacted her and invited her to speak with her about her experience in person.

A spokesperson for Prince William also said that “racism has no place in our society,” and that the “comments were unacceptable.” The spokesperson added that it is right that the person “has stepped aside with immediate effect.”

Lady Susan Hussey, a staff member, was a close companion of the late Queen Elizabeth, and her most recent position included assisting to organise events at Buckingham Palace, according to the BBC.

Meanwhile, Reverend Mariama White-Hammond, Boston’s Chief of Environment, Energy, and Open Space, spoke of the “history of colonialism and racism” during Prince William and Princess Kate’s visit to Boston on Wednesday. According to Page Six, she asked: “us all to consider the legacy of colonialism and racism.”

She spoke about the ways “it has impacted people across the world and its connection, its deep connection to the degradation of land and our planet that we are all seeking to reverse.” Her speech came just hours after the royal racism scandal erupted in the UK.