Meghan Markle painting Kate Middleton ‘clearly as the villain of the piece’

Royal experts have accused Meghan Markle of turning Kate Middleton into a goatee-wearing devil with a ‘pair of horns’.

This claim has been launched by royal commentator and author Sarah Vine in her piece for

She began by writing, “Crowds cheer, soldiers march, strings swell. Harry’s childhood flashes before us and Meghan’s also: two troubled souls made whole by their love – which, let’s be clear, is the most love anyone ever has ever loved in the entire history of love, and we know this because of the orchids and the violins.”

“The music stops. Cut to Meghan. ‘When the stakes are this high,’ she asks, ‘doesn’t it make more sense to hear our story from us?’”

“Sorry, what stakes? The royal stipend and the Windsor cottage instead of all those Netflix millions? But never mind. The point is: it’s all ghastly, and it’s all the fault of the Royal Family. Specifically, the Princess of Wales.”

“Short of drawing a goatee and a pair of horns on Kate, they could not have painted her more clearly as the villain of the piece.”